Friday, 10 February 2012

Plomberie Normand

We have a duplex in Snowdon. A serious hot water problem occurred in the middle of winter. I called them for service and they said they would need a full day. We booked an appointment and I took the day off from work. In the meantime the problem became an emergency as we had no hot water. The day of the appointment instead of showing up at 8:00AM, I received a call from a receptionist saying they would not be coming. This was a Friday. I was trying to reschedule this emergency for as soon as possible. The person from the company was rude and did not try to accommodate the situation with a reschedule or suggest another company. In addition, while I was talking to her she hung up on me. This company advertises having fleets all over the island of Montreal, but is unable to provide the service it advertises. They are highly unreliable and downright rude. Avoid doing business with them or run the risk of facing incompetency, bad or no service and dealing with unprofessional and rude individuals. AND TODAY THEY TOLD ME THAT THEY DO NOT WORK ON SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS: FALSE ADVERTISING OF 24 HOUR SERVICE!